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Edu on Tour no CIEJA Campo Limpo

Jovens europeus fazendo um "tour pelo Brasil" para conhecer a educação por aqui, 
as experiências criativas de educação em nosso pais e, também, trocar experiências 
sobre a educação na Europa e em outros países que eles já visitaram.

#eduontour visiting Cieja Cl, a public scool that broke all the roules becaming the example of how alternative thinking and diverse education can transform public policies and local disadvantaged areas. Capão Redondo 15 yeas ago, when Cieja Cl has been founded, was officially defined as “the most dangerous and violent area in the world”! They face this challenge opening a basic education school for adults where to learn how to read, write, basic calculation and other subject we give for granted. Here they are not. Today the school model has been replicated in other 12 areas in #saopaulo and they are planning to spread it in all Brazil. In two weeks Eda, the founder of Cieja, will be in Paris, to start the dialogue about reproducing it in the suburbs of the french capital. Great initiatives spread and change the status quo. Cieja is the living example!
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Eda Luiz is pure inspiration. After 20 years teaching in public schools she was extremely conscious of all the limitations of the public educational system, enough to push her to create an alternative. 15 years ago she founded Cieja Cl, a basic school for adults, to reduce the social gap and increase the life conditions of the local population. During the years the impact grew, therefore, after 7 years the new government decided to cut the funds, picturing a slow death of the school. Eda did’n give up and invited them to see in person the importance of this space for the local poulation. The government challenged Eda to turn the school from a radical example to a replicable public initiative. After two years of hard work and difficulties, they defined all details, finally receiving the approval from the government. Now Cieja is not the odd exception but a model that is spreading in all the country. Eda’s story is inspiring. When she talks about it you can see the spark in her eyes. “it’s all about following what you are passionate about” she said, “not giving up, not even when things got hard and look impossible.”, “Sempre lutar para os prorprios sonhos!” Always fight for your dreams! #saopaulo #cieja #eduontour. #educationrevolution #movedu

Filming the math aula at Cieja Cl. The documentary of the movement for a #educationrevolution is taking action! #eduontour #saopaulo #movedu

For the last seven years Professor Billy has been working with people with special needs at Cieja Cl and he noticed the big gap between the education they were receving in the school, and the situation at home where, despite the real age, they weren’t treated as adults but babies instead. He decided to include the parents in the education process creating thf “Cafe Terapeutico” (therapeutic coffee), an informal weekly meeting where educators, parents and special students could talk about important topics as sexuality, people rights, work, sport, culture and leisure. Today the Cafe Terapeutico is not only in Cieja but also in other schools of #saopaulo!
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